Performance Mufflers

Flowmaster technology was born on the racetrack over 25 years ago to create a sound solution for Sprint cars racing at local California fairgrounds events. Our patented new and innovative technology not only resolved the excessive sound issues of these high-powered race cars, but also allowed maximum horsepower with an increased and broader torque curve - an unheard of byproduct from competitive mufflers in use at the time.

Flowmaster devoted R&D works department actively searchs for new challenges to resolve, and constantly working with leading race teams, engine builders and race organizations to name a few, in the quest in improving and developing new technologies. Were focused on developing greener more positive solutions to keep racing safe for all participants, fans and neighbors, while achieving the ultimate goal...Winning!

No other muffler company has dominated racetracks around the world like Flowmaster has in the past, present, or will in the future. That's Flowmaster's pledge to you. We feel we can make that statement since we earn it everyday with our non-stop drive to offer the best products available.

Manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, and exhaust accessories for cars, muscle cars, trucks, diesel trucks, SUV's, motorhomes, ATVs and most vehicles. Flowmaster exhaust systems and mufflers come with that distinctive "Flowmaster sound" available in mild, moderate and aggressive tones.

Street Performance Mufflers

The “Flowmaster Sound” is the true tone of American muscle and performance. Available in a wide range of domestic and import applications for automobiles and trucks, Flowmaster products consistantly produce more power and better mileage than Original Equipment (OE) and competitive aftermarket products.


What makes Flowmaster products so unique is that their performance improvements are paired with the unmistakable sound they provide. The “Flowmaster Sound” is offered in many levels depending upon the muffler series. From the deep, aggressive tone of the Super 44 ™ to the quiet and subtle, but unmistakably rich Flowmaster tone of the 70 Series™, our family of mufflers offer the right application of performance and sound you want. Often imitated but never duplicated, don't settle for anything less! We're proud to say that Flowmaster manufacture Flowmaster products right here in the USA.

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