Pon & Rounds Mufflers offers custom exhaust, and we are an factory authorized Flowmaster dealer. Pon and Rounds have been well known for custom exhaust for many years because of the quality of our exhaust systems. When people think custom exhaust in Lincoln or Catawba county, they think "Pon & Rounds Mufflers".

Flowmaster exhaust is perhaps the most well known and respected names in the performance exhaust arena, and for good reason. Flowmaster Exhaust has over 22 years of experience innovating and improving the design of exhaust systems for electrifying power gains and rich tones. Experience the one of a kind performance of Flowmaster exhaust systems and Flowmaster mufflers.

Pon and Rounds has been installing foreign and domestic exhaust systems on all makes and model cars and trucks for over 40 years. FlowmasterWe manufacture our own exhaust systems and we pass the savings along to you. We pride ourselves on our ability to weld any pipe and tubing. This ability gives us a great advantage over the competition. We offer repair services for your exhaust system verses complete replacement. Many vehicles can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement. We can replace components instead of "whole systems." Many of today's vehicles have stainless steel exhaust systems from the factory. The components wear out, but the piping will continue to last for years. Due to our welding prowess we can "weld in" or replace the bad component!

We specialize in Performance System Exhaust!Duals

Why are performance exhausts so popular?

Increased Gas Mileage

With today's gas prices every little bit helps. Performance mufflers promise increased miles per gallon. Along with a performance exhaust—a performance air filter, regular tune ups, and synthetic oil can play a role in increased mileage.

Increased Vehicle Performance

Ever wish you had a little extra horsepower to merge more easily into traffic? How about entering a highway from an on-ramp or moving safely past a large semi-truck on a busy interstate? A performance exhaust system can increase your vehicle's horsepower up to 15%!

Deep Exciting ToneFlow

We don't create noise, we create music. Everyone loves that rich, deep sound of a performance system. You will enjoy the sweet sound of power that is produced as you step on the accelerator. Anyone can create noise, but we have the expertise to create the right sound for your needs. Come down to Pon and Rounds for expert advice on the right sound for your specific vehicle and lifestyle needs. We offer many different performance mufflers to meet your expectations.

Great Look That is Unique to Your Style

Have you noticed that auto manufacturers seem to be making very similar models? If it was not for the emblems would you be able to tell one vehicle from the next? With a performance exhaust package and your choice of stainless tip options, you can make your vehicle unique to your own style. Our expert installers and system designers will help guide you to find your own style for your vehicle.