Pon & Rounds has expanded its operations to include full service auto repair, and is able to service most of Lincoln County and Catawba County. Our location now offers a full range of general repairs for most makes of automobiles, sport utility vehicles and trucks. We still offer custom exhaust, and are an factory authorized Flowmaster dealer.

Flowmaster exhaust is perhaps the most well known and respected names in the performance exhaust arena, and for good reason. Flowmaster Exhaust has over 22 years of experience innovating and improving the design of exhaust systems for electrifying power gains and rich tones. Experience the one of a kind performance of Flowmaster exhaust systems and Flowmaster mufflers.

Pon and Rounds have been known for custom exhaust for many years, but we have expanded our operations to offer full service auto repair. "Now when you think auto repair or custom exhaust in Lincoln or Catawba county, you can think "Pon & Rounds", said Mack Holman, owner of Pon & Rounds. We has several ASE certified mechanics and a service writer is always available to handle your needs or concerns.

Pon & Rounds has an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified master technician supervising and assisting with a full range of repairs including electrical systems, air conditioning, brakes, alignments, oil changes, maintenance and tune-ups.

Delbert Hall is Pon & Rounds Master Technician, with well over 30 years of experence servicing automobiles. "We understand that the customer expects their car to be repaired right the first, and every time, and they have come to appreciate the fair value that Pon & Rounds offers and delivers", The continually evolving technologies of today's automobiles requires special training and special tooling in order to properly care for and maintain one's automobile." said Delbert.

"We use the latest equipment available from our new "State of the Art" four-wheel aligning equipment to specialized diagnostic systems to assure our customers receive the best car care possible, added Josh Roberts, Pon and Rounds service manager." If your vehicle requires routine maintenance, preventive summer care or air conditioning work, under hood or under car repair, or sophisticated diagnostics, Pon & Rounds has the technicians and commitment to deliver the level of service you have come to expect from Pon & Rounds.